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New Local Ready-to-Drink Brands Launch

By August 23, 2023Rhode Island, Top News

Mike Reppucci, Founder and President of South Kingstown-based Sons of Liberty Beer & Spirits Co., introduced two new ready-to-drink (RTD) adult beverage brands: Bar on Board Cocktails (B.o.B), an ’80s retro-themed vodka cocktail line, and Lani Sangria, a local alternative to standard bottled sangrias. B.o.B, pronounced like the name “Bob,” are vodka-based cocktails crafted to be light, full-flavored versions of common cocktails. The four initial flavors are Ginger B.o.B (Moscow Mule), Basic B.o.B (Cosmopolitan), B.o.B A-Rita (Vodka Margarita) and B.o.B on the Beach (Sex on the Beach). “It’s not another seltzer,” said Reppucci, who owns both brands. “These are lower-alcohol versions of popular cocktails, with a surprising amount of flavor.” All four flavors are canned at 4.5% ABV, which is on par with seltzers in the RTD space but lower compared to over-the-bar cocktails. The entire Bar on Board cocktail line is gluten-free and made without artificial flavors. Lani Sangrias are made with premium vodka, wine and real fruit. Both the Red and White offerings are canned at 9% ABV, gluten-free and made with no artificial sweeteners. “We felt that options for convenient sangrias were lacking,” Reppucci said. “Real fruit, not overly sweet, in a can. That’s it.” Sold in 4-packs, both the Red and White Sangrias incorporate a variety of fruit that are listed on the labels. All are distributed in Rhode Island via Mancini Beverage.



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