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Wine Trade Groups Sign Landmark Statement on Tariffs

By February 8, 2020Top News

The two leading wine-sector organizations in the EU and U.S. announced the signing of a statement of principle on trade and tariffs. Comité Européen des Entreprises Vins and the Wine Institute are the founding signatories of the new document recognizing the importance of the transatlantic wine trade and calling for the immediate elimination of all tariffs on wine. The statement calls on the governments of the EU and U.S. to preserve and strengthen the EU-U.S. wine partnership through the complete elimination of tariffs, a concept known as “zero for zero,” and refraining from targeting wine in unrelated trade disputes, or “wine for wine.” The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade embraced “zero for zero” for certain products more than 20 years ago, leading to increased trade for those products that benefited from a zero tariff.



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