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WSWA Data Shows Mixed On-Premise Recovery Restart

By November 24, 2021Top News

Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America’s (WSWA’s) SipSource released the latest set of CSI (channel shifting index) data on Oct. 26, showing a steadily improving bigger picture for on-premise sales. After a summer stall, SipSource says on-premise is currently at its healthiest for spirits in the South Central U.S., where Texas is the largest state, and weakest in SipSource’s Pacific region, which includes California. The CSI quantifies the strength of the recovery by comparing current sales to the year leading to the pandemic. An index of 100 or higher indicates that the market has come back in full; below 100 means that the category is smaller than before the pandemic. While some markets have returned to pre-COVID levels, the CSI for spirits in the U.S. is 94 and for wine, just above 84. RTDs are at 200, showing their rapid rise, and cordials, rums, brandies and Champagne all indexed over 100 as well, marking a full return to pre-pandemic levels. While wine’s on-premise CSI remains under 100 everywhere, it did improve significantly in both the Northeast and West North Central parts of the U.S. Champagne, with an on-premise CSI of 108 for the past three months, continues to be an important element of the positive story for sparkling wine generally, contrasted to table wine’s on-premise CSI of 81.

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