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Conn. Regulatory News: Selling of Draught Beer On-Premise

From the Office of John Suchydcpsealnew

Division Director of Liquor Control

August 5, 2015

The Selling of Draught Beer at Certain On-Premises Permit Types is Allowed for Off-Premises Consumption

Public Act No. 15-244, now allows certain permit types, previously prohibited from selling sealed containers of draught beer for off-premises consumption, to do so with certain restrictions.

The department reviewed the transcript and testimony from the public hearing before the General Law Committee of the General Assembly, and, based on that review, issues the following advisory:

Effective July 1, 2015, the holders of restaurant, cafe and tavern permits are now permitted to sell draught beer for off premise consumption in sealed containers, under the following conditions:

  • Can be sold during package store hours only: Monday-Saturday 8:00 am-10:00 pm, Sunday 10:00 am-6:00 pm;
  • Containers are not limited to traditional 64 oz. “growler” type.  The law allows for 4 liters to be sold per person per day;
  • Containers must be supplied and filled by the permittee; consumers cannot bring in their own containers for refilling purposes;
  • Distributors are not permitted to provide or sell containers for the sale of draught beer for off- premise consumption to restaurant permit holders; and
  • The law does not prohibit distributors from providing or selling the containers to those with a restaurant permit for beer, a restaurant permit for beer and wine, a café permit or a tavern permit.

Please note that while the premises may be open beyond the closing time of package stores, the sales of the draught beer must be completed by 10:00 pm Monday-Saturday, and by 6:00 pm on Sunday, unless local ordinances have stricter limits on the hours for package stores which would cut off such sales at the closing times provided by local ordinances.

To ensure the containers are clean and sanitary, the containers to be filled are to be supplied by the permittee.  Consumers bringing in their own containers for filling should be denied.

Only draught beer is to be filled in these sealed containers supplied by the permittee.  This is not limited to what is referred to in the industry as “craft” beers; more traditional beers are included as long as it comes from the permittee’s draught system.

This law does not allow package stores to fill or refill sealed containers with draught beer.

John J. Suchy, Director of the Liquor Control Division

The Department of Consumer Protection, through the State Liquor Control Commission, oversees all sales of liquor in the State of Connecticut.

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